“I am in awe of the amazing job ProStar did on my mother’s kitchen/laundry room. And what I appreciated most about working with them was their honesty and promptness. Every day the men were there at 8am as promised and stayed all day, every day until the project was finished.

“The saying is ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’, but I am pleased to say that everything went very well without a hitch.

“Thank you for your commitment to this project and helping my mom get back in her kitchen without much delay.”

Frederick, Maryland

From a job in Springfield; we replaced a bathroom floor damaged by water that had been leaking from a toilet for an extended period of time. Due to the decay we had to replace some of the framing also before replacing the floor. In addition we also replaced all the plumbing supply lines in the crawl space below. This was due to some frozen pipes last winter that were in an unconditioned crawl space. Since we had decided to change all the plumbing in this crawl space, we went ahead and went from copper to CPVC to make freezing less of a problem. Then we insulated the pipes, sealed off the crawl space vents, cut in a heat vent to make it a conditioned crawl space. Now the pipes will never freeze again. And since we were there already, and they liked our work so well, they also had us repaint the upstairs bathroom, repair the roof that was damaged and clean out and reinstall the falling gutters.

“I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with the work you have done for us. And I love the upstairs bathroom color!

“I’ve given your cards to three neighbors who are very interested in some estimates. Across the street they will be looking for a basement renovation. Good people. All of them. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and enjoy Oklahoma.

“Thanks again to you and your wonderful assistants, Chris.”

–Deena & Fran
Springfield, Virginia

“Pro Star recently built a new kitchen in our older condo, and we are very pleased with it. To start with, we had a deadline by which it had to be done, but Chris assured us he would meet it. We needed a new floor, new appliances, new cabinets, and plenty of new lighting. He completed it all well within our needed deadline. Just as importantly, if not more so, was the workmanship. Chris does nice work, and we have no reservations about recommending his work to others.

“Thanks for a nice job.”

—Carl and Mieke
Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia

“I chose Pro Star Builders to replace my windows, siding, and gutters. Their team did amazing work. My 34 year old house now looks brand new. The work was completed on time and on budget, exactly as quoted. They were very flexible with my payment arrangements. I would highly recommend Pro Star Builders to friends and family, which I already have done. thanks”

–Jason & Julie
Manassas, Virginia

“Thank you for Everything – You have been so patient & understanding, so accommodating and so calm even when things did not go as planned. You are a true pleasure to work with.”

Fairfax, Virginia

” Thank you so much for the “Before” and “After” kitchen photos and also for all the thoughts to detail to make my kitchen unique and gorgeous.”

Fairfax, VA


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